Pain or Problem?

Pain! What is it? Why do we have it? Pain is definitely a problem…when we have it. And pain is an incredible motivator even if we’re not talking about pain in our bodies. We could have pain in relationships, or pain from finances, but for this discussion we will talk about the pain we have in our bodies. People come to me because they are typically in some sort of pain. Whether acute or chronic, it doesn’t matter. If you have pain, you want out of it ASAP. The pain that I see come into the office is 99.9% musculoskeletal in origin. But the best way to think about pain or if we want to define it, is pain is the effect of dysfunction. What do I mean by that? That often the location of pain is NOT the area or location of dysfunction. It’s just the result of a problem somewhere else in our movement chain. We can’t focus just on our area of pain. If we go chasing the pain we more than likely will miss the problem. Yes we need to care about the pain because pain is a good indicator. But as I always say…”pain is the last to show and the first to go.” For example, when you’re dealing with elbow pain more commonly know as tennis elbow or epicondylitis, a common spot for dysfunction is the supraspinatus muscle that sits on top of the shoulder blade. If we don’t address the dysfunction in the shoulder the elbow pain will just keep coming back, no matter how much stretching, massaging, icing, or medication you throw at it. Remember it’s all connected!


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