Rib Pain Can Be A Pain In The...

Do I Have A Rib Out?

“I thought I was having a heart attack,” explained the patient. This can be what a subluxated rib feels like. Other patients have described it as a “knife stabbing” them in the back. There are many different types and causes of rib pain. However for this discussion we’ll talk about the subluxated rib. What are the signs and symptoms of a subluxated rib? Knife-like pain is typically the first sign and symptom and is experienced suddenly after the action that caused the “rib to go out” (subluxate). Most experience pain that radiates around their body to the front of their chest where the rib connects with the sternum. Breathing, coughing, sneezing, exerting force, or repeating the movement that caused the problem will exacerbate the pain. The thoracic cage is used in practically everything we do, even if it’s just trying to breathe and rest. This makes it extremely difficult to escape the pain of a subluxated rib. Initial treatment should be applying ice (cryotherapy) to the affected area while restricting movement of the joint. Next the sooner you can correct the subluxated rib the sooner healing and recovery can start. The best and most effective course of treatment to correcting a rib subluxation is a chiropractic adjustment. After locating the subluxated rib utilizing palpation, motion palpation, range of motion, surface EMG, or other diagnostic procedures, your chiropractor can use various techniques to correct or adjust the subluxated rib. Recovery time varies from patient to patient depending on compliance to chiropractic care and rehabilitative exercises. Patients will usually notice their pain subside after a couple of days, however to fully correct the problem significant amount of time is needed to heal the soft tissue structures which can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks.


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